London Day 3

Already the third day in London. We had breakfast in our room, again ;) it's so nice, cosy and chill. We decided to go to Primark, a huge store with low prices! We arrived at Primark and I was overwelmed, I dind't know where to look first or where to start, it's so big! I already went to Primark in Luik (Belgium) and I already thought it was a huge store there but in London, oh my god.. you cannot believe what you're seeing! I guess we looked around for about 2 hours in Primark alone, that means something doesn't it? We also bought some things, it's always nice to buy a lot of clothes for not a lot of money. A post about all my purchases will come later. Because we were such a long time at Primark, it was already time to have lunch. We ate KFC -I know, again not a proper meal but I just had to eat it once- actually I was a bit dissapointed about the chicken of KFC, which should be very good but it was too spicy.. I prefer the chicken mcnuggets from McDo, haha :D after KFC, we moved on to the other stores on Oxford Street. It's really amazing how much stores you have over there and on Saturday the stores are open until 21h! I don't know but I guess London is my favorite city for shopping so far.. As you can think, we shopped until we dropped :) we went to a Asian restaurant for our dinner and it was a buffet, so you could choose as many as you want. After dinner, we went straight to the hotel. We couldn't feel our feet anymore from all the shopping .. :)
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