London Day 4

The fourth day in London was different than all the other days. Especially in the morning it was different, it wasn't about shopping this time. We went to Madame Tussauds, a really nice experience! It's so crazy to see all these famous people and stand right next to them. Some were better than others, but I guess that's normal because real people change and they can't always change the 'dolls'. After we did the tour in Madame Tussauds, there also was a little movie in 4D about Superheroes in London. It was so crazy, the things you saw flying right to you, the water you got on your face,.. Everybody screamed haha :) we also ate a Belgian waffle (yes, I'm proud of my country 's waffles!) with whipped cream, hmm, such a nice taste. I also drunk a Starbucks coffee, a caramel machiatto, the best coffee I ever drunk! In the afternoon, we went again to Harrods, you can walk there for days.. For dinner we ate a pizza & then it was time for bed 'cause we were really tired. London is amazing but also a city that never sleeps so actually, you  really need your sleep over there.

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