Fashion icons

I wanted to do a post about my fashion icons, but I already wanted to do it for a long time. So, here it is :) who are your fashion icons?
 I love Alexa Chung her style because she has such different styles!

 A picture of Chiara Ferragni (she has an amazing blog, I already wrote a post about her in October, so go to 'October' and click on the post 'Chiara Ferragni if you want to read it) I chose this picture because I love the animal print of the jacket and I adore the Alexander Wang bag!
Here a picture of Blake Lively aka Serena from Gossip Girl. In the Gossip Girl-episodes, she has an amazing closet for all her clothes but in real life, I guess a lot of people are jealous of her closet!
 THE man behind Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. What would the world be without him? I'm in love with the clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery of Chanel. If I had a lot of money, I would buy immediately some bags!
And ofcourse, Kate Moss. I think she's a real beauty (with make-up on, because I saw a picture of her without make-up and it was a little bit disappointing..) and I love it the way she frequently wears skinny jeans. Thanks to her, the skinny jeans will always be fashionable. THANK YOU KATE MOSS!


  1. i really like alexa chung either! love your blog! and following...

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