WORDS | Overthinking

A while ago I decided to stop with my weekly words-posts because there wasn't that much interaction. The new idea was that I was just going to post a quote when I felt like it and when it was relatable to my life. Well, now it's that time. If you want to know why, read on. 
We've just started a new year and with that, lots of people make resolutions. I didn't really make any because I'm always too harsh on myself and my goals are always too high so in the end I'm disappointed. However, this doesn't mean I can't try to make any changes in my life. 
You may already know that I'm an overthinker, and if not now you know. 
I pretty much overthink everything, until the smallest, irrelevant things. And when you do that, it does kill (a bit of) your happiness. It can kill a little bit but it can also destroy you. 
Call it a resolution or whatever you want, the thing is that I'm going to try not to overthink every single thing. This won't go overnight and it will be hard since it's part of my personality but I need to keep in mind that thinking is good but overthinking isn't that good.

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  1. I totally feel where you are coming from, I overthink also. So much that it causes me to be stressed and anxious all the time. I think its good that your gonna try to not over analyze everything , i think I'm gonna try to do the same thing so that I can be more at ease. Good luck with your progress. :) xx