LIFE | Instagram #11

No words today. I'm going to take a break of my Monday-words-posts and will just write one when I feel like it. That doesn't mean I've got no post for you, I think it is time for a new update from my favorite social media platform, Instagram. I guess you could say I'm an insta-addict; scrolling through my feed, pressing the like button, leaving comments, watch closely what my favorite bloggers/instagrammers are posting, etc. 
Let's take a look at my recent Instagram photos, and don't forget to follow me @lyndesloovere ;) 

Monday again, let's get through the day // Shocked by everything that is happening in the world. Let's spread love, not hate. // 
My sissy is addicted // Yummy in my tummy // 

Tired // Ready to leave // 
Summer storm // Sugar bombs of the day // 

Cocktailtime // After days of non-stop rain, it is time to enjoy the sandal weather while we still can // 
Not too bad of a view // Two of my favorite topmodels together, can it het any better than this? // 

Video of cruising with my boy // 

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