LIFE | Instagram #9

Some weeks have past so it is time for a little Instagram update. Apart from letting my followers know that there was a new blogpost online I wasn't very active on Instagram the past two months. The main reason for this is that I've been sick a few times (migraine, stomach flu, etc). 
Besides those crappy days there were if course also nice things that happened so let's take a look at that! 
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Ouzo at Maastricht // on my way to my first blogevent // 
goodnight // donuts // 

slouchy sweater and rosé to start the weekend // happy 8th birthday to my little princess // 
Essie nailpolish // happy Sunday // 

Julia June event @ Fevery // flowerpower // 
sunny afternoon // new iPhone-case // 

some cool Harpers Bazaar emoji's // goodnight // 
braid kinda day // love Miraslova Duma her shoes during NYFW // 

happy V'day // I really want this Balenciaga // 
fab Chanel nailpolish // kissies from sissies // 

a video with some photos from the past 5 years with my love !