Kate Moss

One of my favourite style icons : KATE MOSS. I don't know why I like her so much but there can be a few reasons for it : 
-she 's a beautiful woman
-she has an amazing style
-she has different looks
-she shows that people aren't perfect (she has quit a reputation..) 

She 's married to Jamie Hince, the guitarist of the band The Kills. I can really understand why she's falling for him. He's a rockstar so a little bit of a bad guy and which woman doesn't like bad guys? 
An other important person in her life : her daughter Lila Grace (I think it's a beautiful name) I'm wondering if her daughter also would become a model? 

Now I'm wondering what you think of Kate Moss : hot or not? 

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  1. i like her too , but i think that she is a normal person , not someone to idolize . but i like her anyways