Day 3 @ Dusseldorf

On the third day, I went in to the sauna and in the afternoon it was shopping-time (again). You can be weeks in Dusseldorf and still shopping at different shoppingcenters or streets. We went (again) to the Koningsallee to see if the bag I saw Saturday was still available to buy. But you can already guess, I wasn't lucky, the bag was gone :( I really regret it that I haven't bought the bag on Saturday ! Now, I'm going to try to buy the bag online, crossing my fingers :) we also went to the Shadowarcaden, there you have less expensive shops. I bought shoes, 2 tops, a dress, a vest, ... Pictures of my new clothes will be there soon !!!

 Bikini H&M

 Blouse H&M - Jeans Zara - Bag Volum - Shoes Zara
My dream-car before of one of my dream-shops !!!

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  1. A lot of amazing shops!
    Very nice pictures! ♥.

    Kejmy ♥.