Turkey day 7

Yesterday, my mum and I decided to go see the Manavgat waterfalls. While we were sitting in the taxi, we saw some beautiful rivers, the ones with such a nice colour (we don't have such as these in Belgium..), and a beautiful mosque. After visiting these things we were sooo tired because it was very hot - 42°C in the shadow.. - so we relaxed on the beach. In the photos you can see me wearing a little hat, normally I don't wear hats, like it or not? For the evening we had to be dressed in black and white because it was gala night at our hotel. I wore my evening outfit with a new bracelet, bought here in Turkey. 
Normally my mum and I always go on vacation for just one week but now we're staying here until Wednesday night and I have to say that I'm really happy about it. I won't think about leaving, I want to stay in this beautiful weather ! 
What did you do this weekend?

All clothes are from H&M except for the pink short, this is from Zara. My bikini is from Urban Outfitters and my little Chanel bag :)

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