Ali Bey Resort

The Ali Bey Resort in Side (Turkey), that's the hotel where my mum and I spent our vacation this June. 
It may be a little weird that I'm writing a post about a hotel but the hotel was so good that I just had to write a post about it. 
The rooms are very beautiful (except for the paintings on the walls but that's personal taste I guess..) and the 'park' where the hotel is in is also very beautiful. Full of different kinds of flowers, trees and plants. 
While we were there, the hotel was full but it's not that you had a 'busy feeling'. If you were laying by the pool you had enough space so you couldn't hear what your neighbours were saying and at the beach, just the same as at the pool except that there is more wind at the sea, which  is always welcome in hot temperatures. 
My mum and I went there to relax and we definitely came back relaxed! 
For the people who want to be more active, there are different sports : aquagym, football, darts, tennis, beachvolley, aquavolley, archery, .. and ofcourse different water sports at the beach/sea. 
For the people who already have children, it's also a good hotel. There is a miniclub, pool for the little ones, an aquapark, ... 
The staff is very friendly, the food is good with lots of choice, the hygiene is perfect, .. 
I recommend this hotel for the full 100% (also for people in a wheelchair) ! 
And now comes the surprise.. we joined a competition to win a week for free in 2013 and guess what, WE WON! 
Ali Bey Resort, it was nice to stay with you and see you next year ;)  

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