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Hi lovelies, hopefully you had a great weekend! 
I have a schedule in my head for the blog and I thought it would be nice to share it with you so you know what to expect. 
For now, this is the plan : 
Monday will stay 'WORDS | -day'. I don't know if I will keep this category since I notice that it's the topic with the least reactions. I don't really know wjy; maybe you don't want to open up or maybe you just don't like these posts. Please tell me what it is so I know if I should keep writing these posts or better stop with them. 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I am going to try to post outfits. I am saying try because I'm not always able to take photos but then I will try to give you a sneak peek or something, like I did last week (see here). 
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday I will write posts that belong to other categories like beauty, life, inspiration, shop, fashion, etcetera. 
What do you think of this schedule? Any tips and/or positive criticism regarding the blog is always welcome! 

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