OUTFIT | Simple yet dressed up

It's Saturday and the last day of May so let's do one of your favorite blogposts : an outfit. 
Last week I already showed you the accessories in a sneak peek -see here- and today I found someone to take some photos so I can finally show the outfit to you. 
My outfit is pretty simple yet dressed up. Especially that last thing was very important since I was invited to a James Bond inspired party. When I got the invitation, I started to stress out immediately. 
'James Bond theme? What the hell am I going to wear? Bond is a man, I'm a woman.' were some of the thoughts spinning trough my head. I guess you can say I had an outfit crisis? 
In the end I chose to wear a simple little black dress with a special touch, the open back, a pair of sexy strappy heels and some statement earrings. 
I hope you like this look..?! 
Oh girls, if you can wear a dress that has a normal back so you don't have to wear a strange 'bra', do it! You and your ladies will feel much more comfortable. 

dress : 3Suisses // heels : Asos // earrings : River Island //