WORDS | Be kind

I don't know if I told you this but last year I followed a mindfulness 'course' of 8 weeks. I can not specifically say why I did this because it had multiple reasons. 
One of the things that always came back was "to be kind". Not only to others but also to yourself. 
Why am I writing this now? Last week my blogplanning didn't go as I had in mind and this week will probably also not go as I want. 
Being completely honest with you, it bothers me, a lot. When I think about it, I can get so angry at myself, while most of you probably didn't even realise it. So I need to keep saying to myself "Lyn, be kind to yourself.". 
And you should also be (more) kind to yourself (and others). 
PS : I already want to apologize if the blog won't be updated as planned this week.