WORDS | Believe

I don't know how to start or what to say actually except for the fact that lots of people need to believe more in themselves. I think everybody has insecurities, some on a personal level, others on a professional level, or another. It doesn't really matter on which level as long as it isn't controlling your life because that is where the problems are. We all need to believe in ourselves a bit more - of course not too much because you don't want to be a too confident person, right? - but it can be hard sometimes. A lot of the time you don't believe in yourself while others do, trust me that this is the truth, so if you see or know that someone is scared/disappointed/sad/unhappy/.. with themselves, try to encourage them to believe more of what you and other people see. It is so beautiful to see someone who starts to believe in themself little by little. It's like a flower that is opening up.. and who doesn't like beautiful flowers? 


  1. This is such a good quote because it is one that everyone should live by more.
    I know so many who have these amazing ideas but are just too afraid, afraid of failure that they won't even take the first step and try.

  2. This is a very beautiful post. I agree, if we believe in ourselves, we can do so much more, much beyond our dreams :)
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