OUTFIT | Striped bodycon

Hi lovelies, another outfit from my holiday in Tunesia! I can't believe it's exactly one month ago that I left. Like I wrote last week, time can be/feel so different. I'm having this right now as well : I feel like I was just enjoying my holiday but on the other hand it's feels like months ago! 
Unfortunately I'm writing this from rainy Belgium, which sucks to say the least. But looking at these photos also makes me happy because this is an outfit I really like. Quite simple but I think it is because I've been looking for a black and white striped bodycon dress for so long and 3 days before I took off, I finally found it! Plus I could wear my beloved fringe sandals again. 

 Don't mind my knees, I know they're weird and ugly. They're very bad and I've already had surgery so forgive me for my knees in this photo, this was just the best one to show you my sandals. 

dress : H&M // sunglasses : Asos // sandals : Asos // bag : Mango // 


  1. Cute dress xxx

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  2. So cute dress!!!

  3. Ik heb ook een streepjes jurkje maar ik heb het nog niet durven aandoen! :-)) Maar het staat je in ieder geval prachtig!