OUTFIT | Peacock print

First of all : happy July everyone! June wasn't such a good month on different levels, incluiding the blog so let's hope that this month will be better. 
Over to the outfit right now. This is what I wore on the first day in Tunesia, when my mum and I decided to go take a look at the promenade. It was actually really nice to have a promenade at our hotel, it reminded me a bit of the Côte d'Azur with the only difference being in Tunesia instead of France. 
We were just taking some photos and suddenly a man came to us with a little turtle and a chameleon, no kidding! Since I am scared of almost all animals, I didn't touch them or something but I just quickly posed for  a photo with them, to run away pretty fast after we got the pic haha. 
And oh, I loved the benches on the promenade! The printed tiles are so beautiful, they reminded me a little bit of Barcelona :)
I think I'll leave you with this text because we already have Tunesia, France and Spain in this post. Plus I am watching the WorldCup game Belgium - USA right now and it's getting too much with all these countries from different continents ;) 

dress : H&M // flats : Scapa // sunglasses : Asos // bag : Mango //