LIFE | Update

So.. It's been quite silent here on the blog but that's because of some different reasons : 
- I moved a week ago so had no time to blog
- I'm EXHAUSTED from moving (packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, sleeping, packing, moving, unpacking, ...)
- the blog isn't working out as I want it to; I don't like the lay-out etc. and I'm definitely not an expert with HTML and stuff so I really need help with that but everybody is living their own lives so it's pretty difficult to find someone you know who can help you as well. But I really need a change from blog. 

Tomorrow I'm leaving with my boyfriend and his family on a vacation so I'll have a break from blogging, all the moving stuff, etc. I think it will be good for me. 
If I have internet, I'll definitely be active on Instagram @lyndesloovere

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  1. Have a great holiday dear <3 we all wish for a perfect blog platform but unfortunately we have to work with what we have :) Hope you are back soon xxx
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