BEAUTY | Colored hair

We all know people who color/highlight their hair -maybe even you- but not everybody knows someone with a "strange", special, unique haircolor. I know nobody, except for my hairdresser who changes her hair every five seconds. I guess she already had every possible color. 
I don't like it on everyone but I absolutely adore Nicole Richie with her purple/blue hair! When she's wearing an all black or white outfit or just a jeans with a simple white tee, her hair is always the finishing touch. 
I wouldn't color my hair in purple or something, I'm just too scared I won't get back to blonde again. 
Would you risk it and take the jump? Plus I'm very curious on your opinion about special haircolors! 
PS : I didn't forget about the review of five beauty products, some have asked me months ago (oops), but I have never done this before so I'm trying to figure out how to take the best photos, so you can see at as real as possible. 

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  1. I absolutely love Nicole Richies hair. I actually tried to dye mine myself but the color wouldn't hold. No I might go to a professional to get it done.
    I totally love this trend, it's different from anything else and as you said yourself it can totally compliment and outfit really well.
    Maybe you could just dye your ends and then see if you like it and if it doesn't come off properly, well it's only your ends so you can cut them off :)
    xx Cheyenne