FASHION | What Does Your Denim Say About You? via Who What Wear

Denim. We all have it in our closets. Whether it is a pair of good jeans, a denim skirt, some overalls, a vest or even denim shoes, we all own at least one piece of this amazing fabric. 
Recently I read a post on Who What Wear with the title 'What Does Your Denim Say About You?'. Of course this was some kind of teaser and I was very curious to see what they had to say. 
Let's take a look... 

Black Stovepipes 
You mean business, you're a career woman. 

Wide-Leg and Chambray Shirt
You're the approachable girl next door.

Denim Shorts
You're a frequent festival-goer with a fun-loving spirit.

Denim skirt
You're typically caught in a sundress or tweed jacket but when it comes to denim, the lady in you prefers the pencil skirt. 

Denim vest
You're a bohemian type and have a free-spirited character. 

Your look is never too studied, generally laid-back, and is ready for anything. 

You're always ahead of the curve and rather outspoken. 

Distressed denim jacket
You're quite the downtown gal, so when you're not in a leather jacket, you're topping your look with a distressed denim jacket. 

Patched jeans
You're the life of the party and you're always comfortable as the center of attention. 

Stonewashed mom jeans
You're style is normcore at its best. You're embracing boring to set yourself apart from the wacky trendsetters. Unfortunately, you still look cool. 

And now the question : do you agree with Who What Wear or do you have other opinions on certain denim styles? 


  1. I can never get enough of denim! def my favorite material.

    Pretty in Python

  2. Love this, I think I can agree on most of them :)


  3. Ik heb best veel jeans nu ik er over nadenk. Jeanskleedje, een skinny, vestje,... Het is een heel dankbare stof en met veel combineerbaar! :) Ik draag het ook vaak verschillend, dus ik kan mij niet echt op één type vastpinnen ;)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  4. This is great, so true!


  5. Great post! It is so true, but I think that everyone can be more than one stereotype!
    I'm following you now and it would deb great if you follow me back!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,