FASHION | Louis Vuitton SS14

Today was the last day of Paris Fashion Week, which also means that it is the end of this Fashion-Weeks-month madness. 
Which show was on the schedule today? Louis Vuitton, a famous French brand, so what's the best location? Off course, the Cour CarrĂ© of the Louvre! Their were some rumours that it would be the last collection from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and now it is confirmed. I think Marc wanted to say goodbye to the brand and the lovers of it with a really big 'wow'-effect. I mean, have you seen that decor, those clothes, those accessoiries?! Pure drama, in a good way : headpieces with feathers, black, see-trough clothing, leather, glitter,... The music of a fashionshow is also a very important thing; the music completely fitted in the theme, drama. 
Now, what or who was Marc his inspiration? Jacobs designed the collection with a tribute to women, and 'the showgirl in every single one of them', who inspire him : Jane Birkin, Madonna, Anna Wintour, Coco Chanel, Barbra Streisand, Juliette Greco and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. 
"Their style, vision, creative talent, imagination and voice changed our environment." - Marc Jacobs
I think we can say this was an amazing goodbye-show of MJ for LV (and of the September 2013 fashionmonth) and I can't wait to see more of him since he will still be designing for his own brand. 
Are you also 'wow'-ed by the collection and show? Shout those opinions! xx 

Marc Jacobs


  1. ahh i love fashion week. Paris was so awesome!! I am so sad it is all coming to an end!


    1. Me too! But on the other hand, the fashion industry gets some rest & so do we ;)

  2. Amazing show! I've really loved it. One of my favorites in paris! We're going to miss him so much :(

    TFD | The Fashion District


    1. You're not the only one who is going to miss him! But now he has more time to focus on the MJ collection, that's great news, right? And perhaps the new designer of Louis Vuitton will be great as well (although he/she will have to make a spectacular first collection and show to make us 'forget' Marc)

  3. Thank you for following me :)
    I'm def going to check out your blog! x