DIARY | Instagram #5

Wow I really can not believe that it's almost been 2 months that I showed you an Instagram-diary. When I think about it, I feel a little bit ashamed.. But what can I say? Time flies! 
So here is an update from my IG profile where I share previews, photos of new blogposts but also pictures which you don't see on the blog! So if you're curious, follow me :) I am @lyndesloovere 
Enjoy your weekend xx 

New golden rings // ootd // 
#tbt Cape Verde // enjoying the sun

Love my friend Tine so much // did some shopping.. //
#tbt little me // goodnight 

#tbt highschool graduation // daydreaming //
Sabo Skirt order arrived ! // homemade salad nicoise 

Hairwave // the mailman knows me well ! //
tanning // kiss kiss 

Cherry time // quote // 
Ripped jeans + Converse // Modemusthaves little gun necklace 

#tbt with my boy // Kate Moss aka supermodel // 
University friends // smoothie to start the day 


  1. de smoothie ziet er heerlijk uit yum! leuke foto's!

  2. adoring this look!

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  3. beautiful pics <3
    you have a nice blog, would you like to check out mine? maybe follow each other? :>
    let me know:)
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  4. beautiful photos.
    Love the ocean!!!

    Cheers, Jacquie

  5. What a nice blog.

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    Nanna Freving // www.nannafreving.com

  6. mooie foto's lyn! schoon meiske e gij!
    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy