Happy 2013

I wanted to share this picture with you because that's exactly what I did on 00:00. Give a big kiss to my boyfriend, this our 'happy new year's kiss' :)
Did you celebrate well? I really hope you did!
Now it's time to say what I wish you : luck, happiness, joy, fun, love, health, friendship, .. and everything you wish for. May all your dreams and wishes come true!
With every new year, people make resolutions. So do I. Most of the time I forgot them after a few months (but I don't have that excuse anymore since I'm going to write them down, here, online) or I just hadn't got the courage to stick with them. But hey, now you guys are here to remind me at them! So, here are my resolutions/goals :
- eat healthier
- write more blog posts (at the end of 2012 I wasn't able to write posts because of some problems with the blog, I apologize again!)
- get good grades
- achieve something with the blog (everything is welcome : get more followers, collaborations with PR-agencies/people/brands, get more comments, etc.)
- explore at least 2 new countries (my goal is 2 because I've already planned a trip to a country where I've never been before so one more to go)
- ...
I wish everyone in the world a HAPPY 2013 !!!
P.S. : are you curious to see what I was wearing on New Year's Eve? Check out my blog regularely, follow me on Instagram @lyndesloovere, bloglovin and/or Facebook

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