LIFE | The past 3 weeks

The past three weeks there wasn't much activity on the blog and here is why.. 
I started the last week of October on a good note with a streetstyle post of PFW and I had planned the rest of the week with different kinda posts, even an outfit (or maybe two). But it was too good to be true - what was I even thinking?! I got really sick Tuesday evening; sore throat, headache/migraine, fever, coughing, pain everywhere,.. Long story short : I looked and felt like crap. I've barely been out of bed for 7 days and didn't even touch my PC once.  
I also had to miss out on a few blogger events and I was quite upset about it to be honest. I know I know, there will be plenty events in the future but still..it just sucked. 
I finally started to feel better so I went out of the house for the first time in 10 days. Not such a good idea since I got a sore throat again.. I got antibiotics again and am starting to feel better but I'm not leaving the house yet, just to be sure.. 
Anyway, I wanted to let you know why I wasn't really around. 
Hopefully your weeks were better than mine! Try to prevent as much as possible and if you still catch something, listen to your body! 

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