WORDS | Collect moments

When I am writing this it is almost midnight and I just got home from a trip to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 
This quote may look a bit 'weird' on a fashion blog since fashion has lots to do with things but in the end, what do you remember? Things or memories from funny, lovely, special moments?
I am not saying that you don't have to buy anything, I know that I won't leave that Chanel 2.55 in the shop if I had the money, but what I want to say is that maybe we should invest more in moments that make us happy -a citytrip, going a day somewhere, a festival, a vacation or something else that you love to do- instead of buying another pair of jeans or shoes. 
This is definitely not an attack on you because I'm guilty of buying another thing of this/that as well, it is a reminder to me, you, us.