LIFE | The past days

The past 5 days were hell because a not so good friend of mine decided to come visit me. His name? Migraine. 
Those of you who already had migraine once know what I'm talking about. For those of you who haven't had this yet : your head is hyper sensitive with a special kind of headache, you can't deal with light and/or noises and sometimes you're also nauseous. Because of this sensitivity, your brain is super active which causes even more pain. I'm already laying down in my bed in the dark since Tuesday with the only exception of going to the bathroom. I tried multiple painkillers but nothing helped so far, so if you know something that could help please let me know in a comment below, all suggestions are welcome!
I'm not writing this post to complain or to teach you something about migraine, I just wanted to let you know why I didn't blog while I had actually planned different posts. But you'll get to see them when I'm better :) 
Now I'm going to sleep again in the hope that it will be a bit better when I wake up. Please leave a comment with something from your week or weekend. Something funny, nice, or just something you want to share so I have a bit of distraction when I'm awake!
PS : I'm being so fashionable, in my pj's/sweatpants with sunglasses against any light. So much swag! 


  1. Ah I am so sad to hear that you are suffering from a migraine! :/ It must be horrible, especially when painkillers don't help!
    I hope that the nasty migraine will go away soon! :)


  2. Ah, ik haat migraine..
    Heb daar laatst ook last van.

    Kiki // Chicks About Fashion

  3. Awe thats terrible , I hope medicine will start working soon and you'll feel better ! I absolutely hate migraines so I totally understand what are you going through ! Would you like follow each other through GFC ?

  4. Get well soon :)



  5. I hope you will fine very soon :(

    Kisses from www.withorwithoutshoes.com

    Today I bring you a Very Chic outfit...with my New & Awesome pair of Skinny leather pants!!

  6. Oh :( Veel beterschap zeg! Migraine suckt!

    Marlies - www.goldenmirrorsandpinkbows.be

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