INSPIRATION | Coachella weekend 2

Here I am again with a post with Coachella-outfits. The past weekend was weekend number two, so it was the last one. I think that most bloggers were there the first weekend, definitely the ones I am following on Instagram etc. because my social media wasn't such an overdose with Coachella pictures this time haha. 
I hope to be there too one day :) 
The pictures where there is no name with it, I got from Fashionmagazine. The pictures with name are from the bloggers themself. (I'm not 100% sure that these bloggers were at the second weekend, if not they were at weekend one) 

Stana Katic

Eat Sleep Wear

Haute Pink Pretty

Inside Am-lul's Closet


Thats Chic

The Neighboorhoud Watch

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  1. welke instagramaccounts volg je dan?
    nice post babe
    xo char