Buy for less : 2 pair of shoes

In this post I'm going to talk to you about 2 pair of shoes which are beloved by lots of people :
- Chloé Suzanne studded ankle boot
-Alexander Mcqueen skull loafer
Do you know them ? I guess you do ! 
Because of the huge succes of these shoes, there are also more and more look-a-likes available in stores which have cheaper prices than the real ones so that 'everyone' can buy them. 
I'm a huge fan of the look-a-likes : it makes fashion 'musthaves' available for the people who don't have lots of money to buy the real ones. I buy also look-a-likes and I guess we're with many :) 
The look-a-likes from the Chloé studded ankle boot, are available in lots of different stores : Zara, Jeffrey Campbell, Sasha, .. 
The Alexander Mcqueen loafers with skull is available in Zara. 

Would you buy the real ones or the look-a-likes which are cheaper ? 

Chloé Suzanne studded ankle boots 

Alexander Mcqueen skull loafers 

look-a-likes from Zara 

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