Louis Vuitton

 I really love the Louis Vuitton stores! This picture was at the LV in Brussels. It wasn't the first time I went inside a store of LV but it was the first time I bought something! I bought (actually my mum bought it for me as a little present) a city guide of London because I'm going to London next week with my mum for my 18th birthday (which is tomorrow one month ago..) I also wanted to buy a bag of Louis Vuitton but I didn't know which one to choose. Can you help me decide? Please tell me which one is your favourite of the ones bellow :)


  1. Definetely number two! :) I love LV guide so much, and London is such an amazing town!
    Kisses and Happy New Year


  2. I Likey! Always Love Going To The Louis Vuitton In My Hometown Of Manchester xD x